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    [دو ضرب المثل].

    Title : [دو ضرب المثل].
    Published by : [جای نشر مشخص نیست] : [ناشر مشخص نیست]،
    Year : 1803
    Physical details : 1 صفحه ؛ 30 سانتی متر.
    Call Number :
    Subject(s) :

    --   Manuscripts, Persian -- Washington (D.C.)
    --   نسخه های خطی، فارسی -- واشنگتن (دی. سی).
    Notes :

    The Library of Congress donated copies of the digitized material (along with extensive bibliographic records) containing more than 163,000 pages of documents to ACKU, the collections that include thousands of historical, cultural, and scholarly materials dating from the early 1300s to the 1990s includes books, manuscripts, maps, photographs, newspapers and periodicals related to Afghanistan in Pushto, Dari, as well as in English, French, German, Russian and other European languages ACKU has a PDF copy of the item.
    Accession No : 3acku000462084
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